Restaurant Refrigeration Repair

Restaurant Refrigeration Repair

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Restaurants and other related businesses in the Oklahoma City, OK community depend greatly on their refrigeration units. When those units malfunction, they call Absolute Restaurant Service first because they know we will answer the call promptly and provide cost-effective services they can trust. We provide restaurant refrigeration repair that addresses any possible refrigeration repair problem our customers might experience.

We have established a fine reputation for providing effective restaurant refrigeration repair services in the Oklahoma City, OK community. Our master certified technicians are intensely trained to confront a wide range of refrigeration problems, because when refrigeration goes down, stress levels rise right along with the temperature, and neither is good for the restaurant. Our specialists know that when a refrigerator goes down, time is of the essence. We get there fast and get the job done right.

Absolute Restaurant Service provides restaurant refrigeration repair service on all walk-in and reach-in type refrigerator and freezer units. We utilize our troubleshooting skills to locate potential problems in a hurry, and then we make the speedy, but effective repair. Our specialists respond quickly to get refrigeration units working again as fast as possible.

Some of the problems we often need to fix with our restaurant refrigeration repair service include:

• Door gasket replacement
• Door hinge replacement
• Compressor repair and replacement
• Faulty thermostat switches
• Refrigerant leaks
• Dirty condensers
• Dirty evaporators
• Malfunctioning fans

We run into a variety of problems, but we have yet to find one that we could not provide an effective answer to.

Absolute Restaurant Service is in the business to keep our customers’ refrigeration running effectively. Our restaurant refrigeration repair service does just that for our business clients in the Oklahoma City, OK area.

Also, we offer rentals of mobile walk-in cooler freezers for emergencies, breakdowns, catering events, fairs, festivals, and any other different type of event or circumstance you may have. Give us a call for more information.