Cooking Equipment Repair

Cooking Equipment Repair

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Absolute Restaurant Service provides impeccable cooking equipment repair services to restaurants and related business establishments throughout Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding communities. We have over 30 years of experience in major cooking appliance repair services. Our master certified technicians will fix any cooking appliance in the restaurant that needs to be repaired.

We are an authorized warranty agent in Oklahoma City, OK, currently with about 20 manufacturers. We have become the Central Oklahoma, premier restaurant equipment repair specialists. Our experts provide quality restaurant major appliance repair that our business customers can depend on 24/7. When we receive a service call, we respond rapidly to get the cooking equipment working again.

Some of the cooking equipment repair services Absolute Restaurant Service provides include:

• Convection ovens
• Steamers
• Stoves
• Ranges
• Broilers
• Grills
• Fryers
• Commercial microwaves
• Toasters
• Heating units
• Walk-in and reach-in refrigerators and freezers
• Ice makers

We will provide these repairs and more for your cooking equipment, because we know that when any of these appliances go down, it can affect the flow of business and lead to disgruntled customers. We are committed to making fast repairs accurately.

The worst-case scenario for a restaurant is for a major cooking appliance to break down in the middle of a rush. All of a sudden, the cooking process draws to a halt and the orders start backing up. When you call Absolute Restaurant Service, we respond urgently and make the proper repair in a hurry to decrease the period the appliance is down. We want the restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK to call us with confidence when they need cooking equipment repair.